Alaska Legislative Resources

Alaska State capitol building

Alaska State capitol building

Below you can find information and links to help you learn about proposed legislation, track bills and contact your state and federal delegates.

State Legislature

The Alaska State Legislature

Find names and contact information for Alaska state senators here.

Find names and contact information for Alaska representatives here.

Proposed Legislation

This section will be updated as applicable information is available.

Track Bills

If there are proposed bills currently awaiting action that you’re interested in, track them! Through the Alaska State Legislature’s website, you can access the bills that are currently in committee. From here, you are able to browse both the House committees and Senate committees to find current proposed bills. If there is a certain bill you’re interested, you can make an account in the Bill Tracking Management Facility (BTMF), which allows you to track the status of bills as they pass through the legislative process. BTMF will also display the status of the bills that you are interested in, and can send you email updates as the bill’s status changes.

View bills and laws

Track a bill

Federal Delegation

Find additional information on your congressional delegation.