Pick. Click. Give. to Prevent Child Abuse

Afterschool programs taking students from struggling to straight As. Certified host families helping families facing a crisis keep their kids out of foster care. Workshops teaching storytelling so victims can safely face and heal from abuse. And connecting youth with their culture and community to develop strong future leaders.
Through statewide efforts like these, ACT and our partners are helping prevent child abuse and neglect, while helping victims heal from their abuse.
You can help us make a statewide impACT for children and families in Alaska when you Pick. Click. Give. to Alaska Children’s Trust. Together we can prevent child abuse and neglect.
Pick. Click. Give. to ACT when you fill out your 2018 PFD application!

ACT is pleased to participate in the Pick. Click. Give. program, which allows Alaskans to donate a portion of their Permanent Fund Dividend to participating nonprofits across the state. Alaskans can designate their donation during the PDF application period, which is open January 1 – March 31. Donations can also be added or changed through August 31. Access the PFD application at www.pfd.alaska.gov or learn more about Pick. Click. Give. at www.pickclickgive.org.