Tier 2 (over $10,000 - up to $50,000)

Innovation Grants

Do you have a new and innovative idea that would prevent child abuse and neglect?  Do you have a current program that, if it had more support, could have a greater impact preventing child abuse and neglect?  ACT’s Tier 2 Innovation Grants were created to stimulate the development and adoption of groundbreaking approaches and technologies to prevent child abuse and neglect.  Tier 2 grants fund projects over $10,000 up to a maximum of $50,000 per year.  Requests can be single year or multi-year, up to three years.

Innovation is either introducing something new or infusing a current product/program with more resources to strengthen its reach and impact.  It is usually driven and supported through data.  It is compelled by an organization’s desire to understand and meet the ever-changing needs and challenges of the people they are serving while trying to prevent child abuse and neglect.  As a catalyst for change, ACT  has introduced the Innovative Grants  to stimulate new ways of preventing child abuse and neglect and strengthen the current methods that have proven successful.

Think bigger, think differently. Together we can prevent child abuse and neglect.

Deadline: there are no application deadlines, but please note that due to the process, it normally takes six to nine months to process, evaluate and take final action on each request.

Grant Cycle: One to three years


  • Full proposals are accepted by invitation only. Organizations interested must submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). LOI’s are limited to 3 pages and must include the following:

    • Background of Organization

      • An abbreviated mission statement

      • Date founded

      • Staff and board size and demographics

      • Constituency and geographic region served

      • Type(s) of service provided

      • Annual operating budget size

      • Any other key relevant information

    • Project Description

      • Factors contributing to the need for the project, include data if available

      • How the project is innovative

      • Why the project is important to your organization and constituency

      • How the project prevents child abuse and neglect

      • Components of the project

      • Target population

      • Geographical area served

    • Project Budget – in summary form, provide total project cost for each year requested (multi-year funding is limited to no more than 3 years), total funds requested from ACT, other sources of support outside of ACT funding and sustainability.

    • Please note any other factors you believe would help us understand your situation and request.

  • LOI's are reviewed quarterly.

  • Organizations can receive a Tier 1 and Tier 2 at the same time. However, funding must support separate programs/projects.

  • If LOI is selected, the organization will be invited to complete a full proposal which will be due 3 months from date of invitation.

  • All LOI's and full proposals must be submitted through The Alaska Community Foundation’s online system.

  • Applicants are welcome to contact ACT staff prior to applying to discuss proposed projects.

  • If a proposal is declined, organizations may call ACT staff for feedback.

Tier 2 - Innovation Grants Guidelines

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