Voices for Alaska's Children


Voices for Alaska’s Children is a grassroots, community movement focused on continually raising awareness of the needs and challenges of children, youth and families throughout Alaska. Voices provides a sustainable and impactful system that allows each of us to be heard as we advocate for policies and decisions that support safe, stable and nurturing environments for Alaska’s children, youth and families.

We do this by:

  • Raising the volume. As a state that has long grappled with a myriad of child and family-related issues, we know we must take a different approach if we are to succeed. We must hear from diverse Alaskans across the state about the unique challenges children, youth and families are facing in their communities. And we must bring those individual voices together, raising the volume to a level that increases awareness and creates change.

  • Keeping the conversation going. Often, awareness initiatives are based on a single, large event that draws attention over a period of days. But what happens when it’s over? What are we doing on an ongoing basis to keep our children’s and youth’s needs at the forefront?

    To effectively advocate for policies that address the needs of children, youth and families throughout our state, we must create a continual stream of conversation to ensure our messages will be consistently present in the minds of our leaders. Voices provides the framework for this ongoing effort.
  • Involving diverse Alaskans. Alaska is both large and diverse, and children, youth and families in one community often have different needs than those in another. By encouraging participation of diverse Alaskans across the state, we can effectively highlight the many different needs and issues of Alaska’s children, youth and their families.
  • Creating a coordinated voice. Opportunities for our children and youth to voice their needs and concerns to policymakers are few and far between. As adults, it is our responsibility to give a voice to those who are more vulnerable, and whose needs are often invisible and unheard. By funneling these individual voices into a combined, coordinated voice, we can help ensure that Alaska’s children and youth have what they need to succeed and thrive.
  • Simplifying advocacy. Alaska has hundreds of hard-working organizations dedicated to improving the lives of Alaska’s children, youth and families. However, many of these simply don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to an ongoing, effective advocacy effort. Voices provides a simple and coordinated process for nonprofits and other organizations to effectively advocate for issues that matter to the children, youth and families they serve.
  • Connecting the energy of individuals and organizations. By tapping into the power of Alaska’s organizations, and combining that with the growing volume of individual voices, we will create the widespread recognition needed to effectively advocate for Alaska’s children, youth and families.