Alaska Resilience Initiative

One collaborative effort Alaska Children’s Trust (ACT) is leading is the Alaska Resilience Initiative. The Initiative is a partnership of nonprofit, private, tribal and government organizations that promotes community empowerment to support and respond to the needs of individual families and children. Our goal is to educate and advance the dialogue in our state on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), impact of ACEs on brain development, and how communities can prevent ACEs and build resilience.    

We’ll achieve this goal through three core activities:

  • Community Awareness. Through community awareness, we establish a common language and a general understanding of the importance of reducing traumas like child abuse and neglect, and building resilience at all levels of life.
  • Informed Systems. Formal systems, such as the educational system, and informal systems, like the family, support everything we do. When systems are informed of the impact of trauma and resilience, they can be redesigned to promote resilience and support the efforts to minimize trauma.
  • Focused Interventions. No matter how intentional some individuals or communities are in reducing trauma and building resilience, they will not be successful without direct intervention. Focused interventions are evidence-based programs with a proven track record in preventing trauma and/or building resilience.

The work of the Initiative is based on the Adverse Childhood Experiences study that was conducted in 1995. Learn more about ACEs.

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Alaska ACE's Mapping

See who is doing great work in Alaska focused on resilience and ACEs - Mapping of Current ACEs Work in Alaska

Paper Tigers

Paper Tigers, directed by James Redford, is an exciting new documentary that shows the level of impact trauma-informed practices can have on our children and youth. Set in Walla Walla, Washington, it follows the lives of multiple students from an impoverished area as they attend alternative school that has begun to promote resiliency in youth. Paper Tigers looks at real life examples on how we can help our children heal from trauma and how healing is ultimately a more effective and cheaper response than punishment. The film is rates PG-13 for Adult Langue and Content. Check out the trailer for the movie.

DVD Loan

If you are interested in borrowing a DVD of Paper Tigers or Resilience to put on a viewing hosted by your own organization, please fill out and sign a rental agreement and send it to  The terms and conditions for renting a DVD are:

  1. Requests for the DVD must be made a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event.
  2. The DVD will be mailed 1 week prior to the event. The DVD must be post marked and returned 48 hours after the conclusion of the event.
  3. The DVD may not be lent out to another individual or organization without the consent of ACT.
  4. A headcount must be provided of all people who attended the showing(s).
  5. The showing may be used as a fundraiser.
  6. ACT MUST be included in all advertising. This includes ACT’s logo, which will be emailed and can be found below. 

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